Faubion Fun Run

Faubion Has Heart – Fun Run

During Fall, family, friends, and neighbors will be invited to pledge their support for our students. Faubion students will walk, roll, jog, skip, run or cartwheel their way around the school track during a 15-20 minute time period. All students will participate as part of their regular physical fitness program. Join us in fostering a culture of health and fitness while raising money for our school! Students will be given incentives to participate in soliciting for donations. 100% of the money raised benefits Faubion Kids!

Our 2018-2019 3rd Annual Fun Run is only a few weeks away! Please see the message below from our fearless Fun Run Coordinator–Anne Koski:

Hey everybody! Happy Summer. It’s Plan-A-Fundraiser Time. Faubion Has Heart is only 10 weeks away!

Tracee and I are asking for your help:

Here are 5 bite-sized jobs — some that can be done from the comfort of your home — to help get the Faubion Has Heart fundraiser charging out of the gates.

If you’re interested, please email   faubionptainfo@gmail.com    and let us know you’d like to help with the fun run.

1. SNACK AMBASSADOR — fill out online forms requesting ‘post-event’ snacks (non-peanut), and communicating with businesses’ contacts to arrange delivery. Time-sensitive. Most businesses want 8 weeks lead time: August 5 application deadline.

2. SPECIAL GUEST COORDINATOR — Your job would be coordinate with local legends of your choice for event-day special appearances. Time-sensitive queries to athletic teams are due by Aug. 5.

Last year we were lucky to have Portland Timber’s mascot Timber Joey, Portland Fire Engine 14, Portland Police Youth Division, and a few other local legends.

3. EVENT DAY COURSE DIRECTOR. (Friday, October 5) Your job would be to prepare the event course: coordinate grade participation schedule with Principals, music/amp, collect water coolers/cups/tables, flow of students entering/exiting track, etc.
This may need to be a job that is shared by you and Tracee or me.

4. TREASURER — Someone who can pick up the cash donations from the school’s front office between 9/17 & 10/11 every day or two, and enter them into the software once weekly by Sunday evening.

5. VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR (2 ppl) — fill a TBD roster of volunteers, create and email list, and schedule + contact volunteers for fundraising month classroom visits and the event itself on Oct. 5.

Thanks in advance — we know it’s summer and it’s a big ask!

Also, we will provide more guidance/details once you’ve said YES. And ANY of these jobs can be shared.

Anne Koski and Tracee Gurney Johnson