About PTA

We love our PTA Members

We can always use your help.  If you would like to get involved, then we would encourage you to be part of the Faubion community, support the teachers, and make Faubion School the best place it can be for the students.

Everyone at the school- parents, grandparents, relatives, care-givers, friends –
are important to the student success.

The Faubion PTA was formed to support the educational mission of the school  and provide children and families with social opportunities.

ALL funds raised by the PTA support student activities and events, such a field trips, outdoor school, and support teacher enhancements for student learning, such as art supplies or computers/tablets.

Membership is only $12 per person. Grants are available upon request to cover membership fees.

If you would like to join the Faubion PTA, please email faubionptainfo@gmail.com with your name, your student’s name, your relationship to the student, your address, phone number,  and email address.  We will activate a membership for you and verify via email!

Program Goals:
1.    Celebrate and Preserve: Celebrate cultural diversity and foster understanding through community events and student programs.
2.    Enrich and Promote: Enrich student education through programs that support achievement and well being.
3.    Engage: Engage families through volunteer opportunities, events, and education, which build community.
4.    Advocate: Advocate on behalf of students through activism and fundraising that supports better educational experiences in the school, district, city, and state.